how to get rid of smile lines

Smile lines

“Smile lines” is one of the types of wrinkles, general distribution around the corners of eyes and mouth. Due to smile, the wrinkles particularly evident, it is called “smile lines”. How to get rid of smile lines? When the skin is affected by the external environment, free radicals are generated. They can damage the organization of collagen and the active substances in the normal cell membranes. Skin cells are oxidized to form a small fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles appear gradually.

The cause of smile lines

  1. the lack of skin moisture in the body

We know that the outermost layer of the skin is cuticle. It can absorb moisture from the body and also can absorb moisture from outside of the body, which make the skin keep moderate moisture content.

In general, skin moisture content in 10-20% is the most appropriate. If it’s less than 10%, the skin will be dry, rough and flabby. Over time, skin will appear wrinkles.

  1. Mental factors

Often unhappy, irritable and withdrawn, or often sorrow, tension, formal expression in the face, which gets some muscle to create vertical or horizontal wrinkles. They can make people gradually appear aging phenomenon.

  1. The long-term lack of sleep

Often lack of sleep, the regulating function of the skin will be impaired. Wrinkles will are on the face.

  1. Excessive exposure to the sun

Excessive exposure can damage skin. The skin of face, neck and hands becomes dry and thinning. The elastic fibers and collagen fibre loses its normal function. The elasticity of skin is lost. Skin wrinkles will be gradually formed.

  1. Nutritional status

If you are in good nutritional status, the supply of skin nutrition will be adequate and the subcutaneous tissue will be fullness. The wrinkles will appear late.

If you are in poor nutritional status, the malnutrition of skin and muscle will be caused. Collagen in the skin gradually lost. The skin will be rough and loose, wrinkles appear.

  1. Wash a face through high temperature

Water washing a face around 30 degrees is the most appropriate. If the temperature of water is too high, the sebum and moisture will be absorbed by the heat. The skin will be dry. Wrinkles gradually appear on the face.

  1. Improper use of cosmetics

Use improperly cosmetics can damage the skin texture. Too much powder also can make the face appear small wrinkles.

  1. Excessive smoking and drinking

Long-term excessive smoking and drinking can accelerate skin aging. Premature wrinkles make people look old and haggard.

  1. Eating too much salt is easy to grow wrinkles

Medical experts warned, eating more salt not only caused high blood pressure, but also directly affected the person’s appearance. Good to the skin, more scientific method is to drink plenty of water, help the skin detox.

Salt intake isn’t more than 6 grams per day.

How to get rid of smile lines

  1. To maintain a happy mood, don’t fret and worry, prevent frown and cry cause wrinkles.
  2. Want to correct the bad habits in daily life. If someone likes reading newspaper on the bed or rubbing eyes with dirty hands, the eyes will easily be problem. So, those bad habits should be restrained.
  3. First of all, to mix the same amount of milk and honey into a paste. Then daub those paste on the wrinkles around eyes. After daubing, to massage for 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, to wash away the paste. One time every night.
  4. Often smear some anti wrinkle cream, essence and so on around the eyes, then massage these parts for 3 minutes, so that the nutrients is fully absorbed by skin.
  5. Fifth, according to the hairdressing master test, often beat against the corners of eyes gently with the palm, can improve the blood circulation around the corner of eyes, strengthen the local metabolism, delay skin aging, to prevent crow’s feet to appear.
  6. To properly massage. You can massage according to the following four ways.
  • To massage along the eyebrows from the two eyebrows massage outwards, straight to the forehead of the temple with the index finger, middle finger, ring finger together, repeated 20 times.
  • To massage from the bridge of the noise to the front of the ear down the lower eyelid, repeated 20 times.
  • To massage down, from the forehead to the cheekbones.
  • To massage 20 laps around eyes, closing your eyes.

The four kinds of massage method can be used all at once. Or you may choose one or two of them to take turns using it.

  1. Suffering from eye disease, eye wrinkles will increase. Usually, you should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

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