Basic process to conceal laugh wrinkles with makeup

Frown lines, lines, crow’s feet — whether it is what kind of name, it is still the wrinkles. When the wrinkles are on your face, your confidence will fall. When the wrinkles are on your face, your confidence will fall. As a woman, more and more wrinkles will be on the face with the increase of age. It’s hard to keep fresh, rich, moist skin. How to remove wrinkles? Great skin care is important. However, professional makeup skills can instantly make wrinkles disappear.

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How to get rid of smile lines with makeup?

Basic process

Step 1

Apply a small amount of moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. Evenly spread the moisturizer on your face. Within a short time, hyaluronic acid can cause your skin to plump up. In this way, the wrinkles will not be very obvious to be noticed.

Step 2

Evenly apply a thin layer of Line-filling primer in the face to fill in wrinkles and lines. If you have deeper wrinkles need to fill, you should increase the amount of Line-filling primer.

Step 3

On the surface of your skin, gently apply a thin layer of foundation cream. Then, choose a shade which match your skin, evenly apply it on your face.

Smear foundation cream which is high light, can make your wrinkles less obvious.

Step 4

Choose a kinds of concealer that matches your skin tone. Take a small amount of concealer evenly over the area of wrinkles.


If you feel the skin is too bright, you can use oil absorbing paper to gently wipe.


Don’t use powder-based foundations. They will make your winkles more obvious.

Things You’ll Need

  • Brightening concealer
  • Line-filling primer or wrinkle-filler cream
  • Contouring makeup brushes
  • Cream-based foundation
  • Facial moisturizer with hyaluronic acid

Here is a detailed video tutorial, on how to get rid of smile lines with makeup.

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