Massage method to reduce smile lines around nose

Wrinkles around the nose seriously affect your beautiful face. How to get rid of smile lines around nose! As the growth of the age, skin aging, skin begins to lose flexibility. Therefore, wrinkles appear. Wrinkles are due to various factors. Main factors include diet, lifestyle, and UV damage and natural aging. Wrinkles around nose make people look older than their actual age.

I found a very effectively massage method. In this way, you massage for three minutes every day. Stick to a period of time, you will find obvious effect. Wrinkles decreased, even disappeared. Hope this method can bring you help.

Tools/raw material

Only your hands


Step 1 Place the middle finger and the ring finger on the center of your chin, and keep up the pressure.


Step 2 Through the corners of the mouth to the sides of the nose, repeatedly massage.


Step 3 Place hands on both sides of the nose, continuous force, keep for 30 seconds.


Step 4 Push up the hands to the inner eye, repeatedly to do this action.


Step 5 Shored up the left face with your left hand, right hand push from the right cheek to the corner of right eye, repeated many times.


Then, massage the other side of the cheek in the same way.


In the course of massage, be sure to close the mouth and gently bite tight your teeth.

Video tutorial

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