Some cheap and effective methods to remove laugh lines on cheeks

Many men and women hate laugh lines on cheeks, trying to find the right remedies. How to get rid of smile lines on cheeks? Although there are a lot of expensive options such as Botox and chemical peels, some cheap and effective methods will be introduced for you.laugh lines on cheek


1 Skin care is the key

To prevent new wrinkles and eliminate the existing fine wrinkles, you need to carefully protect your skin. When the SPF is more than 30, you need to smear sunscreen once or two times. Every morning, wash the face with moisturizing facial cleanser. Every evening, clear eye cream with baby oil and removal facial creams with a hydrating cleanser. Then, use the moisturizing lotion to add facial moisture.

In short, to avoid the sun’s ultraviolet damage, also want to keep the skin moisture and elasticity with face creams and lotions.

  1. Yogurt mask

In order to apply the yogurt mask, first you need to clean the skin of the face, and gently massage for a few minutes.  Put a spoon yogurt, a spoon of honey, half a teaspoon of orange juice and a banana in a bowl, stir the mixture into the flour paste. Apply the Paste on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Yogurt and honey can make loose skin firming. Orange juice can soothe facial wrinkles. The banana can moisten the skin and stimulate the vitality of the skin, prevent wrinkles generated. After 20 minutes, wash away the paste. Then, cover the face a few minutes with a hot wet towel.  Now, the pores of your skin have been cleaned and are open. You need to apply a moisturizer. Moisture will be well locked.

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be used as a natural skin firming agent. It can tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, enlarge pores. Usually, you can use lemon juice rubbed the entire face and neck, twice a day. As time goes on, you can clearly see the changes of the skin. Because lemon juice can make the skin a bit dry, you have to apply moisturizing lotion after washing away the lemon juice on the face. Lemon juice can flatten facial wrinkles, but also can remove black rim of the eye.

  1. Vitamins

There are three types of vitamins can be very effective in preventing skin aging. The first one is vitamin E. Vitamin E can make the skin against free radical damage. Free radicals can make deep wrinkles to your skin. Supplementation of vitamin E also helps the skin away from pollution and UV damage. Many foods are rich in vitamin e, such as nuts and seeds. The second is vitamin c. This is one reason yogurt mask and lemon juice is often used. Vitamin c can tighten the skin, making the skin look younger.  Vitamin C can also help the skin storage collagen, make the skin more flexible. The best way to get vitamin C is eating enough fruits and vegetables. With the increase of age, the broken capillaries around the eyes caused the formation of dark circles. Vitamin K can tighten these capillaries, prevent the formation of black rim of the eye. Eat more broccoli and kale can supplement vitamin k.

5.  Reduce stress

Stress can lead to the wrinkle around eyes and mouth. Normally, you should relax yourself, have a good state of mind. Before you go to sleep at night, drinking a cup of hot tea can make you sleep better. Good quality of sleep can make your body and skin recover better. This allows you to stay away from wrinkles.

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